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Two Year Old Class

Age: 24 months - 36 months


Mrs. Franny

Aide: Mrs. Millie


Three year old Class

Age: 36 months - 4 years old


Mrs. Katie

Aide: Ms. Jen


Four Year Old Class

Age: 4 years - 5 years

Teacher: Mrs. G

Aide: Mrs. Deb


Our Preschool curriculum is thematic in nature and faith based. We present it with a multi-sensory, multi-level, hands-on approach in an age appropriate manner. We use several resources for curriculum, including Handwriting without tears, and A-Z for Mat Man and Me. Our goal is to nurture the link between play, development and learning. 

Our chapel curriculum is Cross Connections. We use all three versions for our 3 age groups. Little Learners series for our 2 year olds, Miracle Series for our 3 year olds, and Parable series for you 4 year olds. 

Heading 2

We offer 4 enrichment classes each week. Library, Art, Music, and Science









Typical Days Schedule

Students perform the morning routine as they arrive. 

Drop off and Morning Routine

Students will sing the Morning song, update the calendar, say the pledge, and update the weather. The students are learning math concepts, speaking, listening, music, and social skills.
Circle Time/ Calendar, Pledge and Weather
We offer 4 enrichments each week. Library, Art, Music, and Science. These enrichments are held in a separate room from the classroom. We explore these programs with invetigation and fun.


Centers/Small Groups

Students will go to the centers selected by the teacher in the morning. The students switch centers rotating to the next center.
Our centers are sensor y table, dramatic play, stem/art, building & blocks, books & puzzles & small groups. Students will work with the teacher in a smaller group. During this time students will learn various literacy, math, and concept skills. New games and activities are introduced at this time and are adjusted to the students ability to ensure student success. 
During this time the students will have a bible story discission and projects. Once a week the students will spend time discussing the bible story with our Pastor. 


Various gross motor activities are set up around the playground to develop gross motor skills. Students will also play on the equipment daily or inside in our social hall incase of bad weather. 


During Large Group students will participate in songs, games, and activities as a class with the teacher. These activities can include things such as memory games, nursery rhymes, and puppets. Students will follow literacy and mathematical instructions for table work and games. 

Large Group

During story time teachers will read a story that is connected to our theme of the week. Students answer questions, make meaning, and make connections to build reading comprehension, and book knowledge. 
Students will have snacks at their table. This is a time for students to have a brain break and enjoy a social moment.

Story Time/Snack

Students will go to the lunchroom. When a student's family arrives parents will collect their child's belongings from upstairs and talk with the teacher. Then head down to the lunchroom to get their child from lunch.


Students will sing our goodbye song, recap our day, and review tomorrow. At this time students will be doing any presentations with the class. During this presentation time students will be learning great social skills, self awareness, emotional expression,
speaking and listening skills.  

Closing Circle

MUMPS follows religiously exempt guidelines set by the Department of Social Services

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