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Marshall United Methodist Preschool

2024-2025 Registration

Student Information

Our school year program begins Tuesday, September 3, 2024. Preschool hours are 8:45am-1:00pm. You will be notified of space availability within a week of signing up. Class assignments, calendars, and supply lists will be available during the summer.

Has your child had previous daycare or school experience away from home?
Age of child on September 30, 2024

Class Choice

Choose Class (Final class assignments are determined by the Director, this may include a combined ages class (tuition broken down into 9 monthly payments)
Is your Child completely toilet trained? (requisite for 3/4 year old classes)

Child's Health Information and History

Are your Child's Immunizations up to date?
Does your child have any known health problems?
Does your child have any allergies?
Does your Child get colds/flu often?
Does your child have any special needs or a family service plan?
Mark any of the following illnesses your child has
Does your child take any medication on a regular basis?
Does your Child have any speech, hearing, or visual problems?
Has your child been tested for speech, hearing or visual problems?

Parent Information

Parent 1

Marital Status of Parents

Parent 2

Emergency Contact

Minimum 2 contacts, other than parents, to contact in case of emergency/authorized to pick up child:

Medical and Emergency Care Authorization

MUMPS will notify the parent when the child becomes ill or is injured and the parent will arrange to have the child picked up as soon as possible. Parents are required to inform MUMPS as soon as possible if the child developes any illness.
I authorize MUMPS to obtain the following services for my child if necessary: Public Health Nurse, Physician, Emergency Room, EMS and/or Ambulance transport in the event of an emergency. (Ambulance fees and/or health care costs are the resposibilty of the parent /guardian).
I give my permission for my child to participate in the Marshall United Methodist Preschool program and activities. I hereby give my authorization for any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary to the health and safety of my child in the event of accident, illness, or injury, with the understanding that I will be contacted as soon as possible.

Water Play Authorization

Please be informed that water play can be a high-risk activity and thus permission is required for children to participate in these activities. We may participate in some water activities throughout the year which includes but are not limited to water table, water balloons, and sprinkler. Many precautions will be taken at our facility to help keep children safe when participating in water play.

Photo Authorization

Photos and videos are taken throughout the school year such as holidays, outings, special occasions as well as in the normal course of our day. We use these photos/videos for teaching, sharing information about the day, arts and crafts, class books, and other things. Photos which may include your child may be given to families who also attend this program or may appear in the newspaper.
My child's Birth Certificate and Immunization Records must be on file before my child can enroll. (You may upload files below, email them, or bring copies to the school
Upload Documents
I understand that my registration is not complete and my child's space will not be held until I have paid the annual $50 registration fee. You can mail or bring a check to MUMPS. (Address is at the bottom of the page)
Signature that you have read and agree to the Handbook and COVID-19 Policy *
Address: 8405 W. Main St. Marshall, VA 20115 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 144, Marshall, VA 20116
Phone: (540) 364-2506

We are so excited for you and child to join our family! We will be in touch soon with more information. Have a blessed day!

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